The Well Balanced Success Podcast... For Those Who Believe You CAN Have it All.

In this weekly podcast we explore how you can have it all. A successful career, an active social, a thriving love and family life all that while being healthy and happy.

Why I Believe the Hustle Culture is Detrimental for Your Happiness

If you consider yourself entrepreneurial, I'm sure you've come across the "hustle porn"... Those quotes and stories that make you believe you have to struggle and hustle to get anywhere in life. You have to get up every morning before 5AM, you have to hate your job and work hard to get "out of the rat race" and you have to forget about anything else BUT your passion project. So you don't have to work another day of your life again *gag*.

I'm fed up with this message.

This is NOT the way to have a fulfilling life. This is a perfect recipe for disaster. For waking up one day realizing that you might have money but that the cost has been extremely high.

That's why I'm on a quest to share another, more sustainable way into creating what I call Well Balanced Success. 

You don't have to get up at 5AM.

You don't have to get "out of the rat race."

You don't have to work 24h/day, 7 days a week.

That's NOT how you achieve Well Balanced Success.

- Hanne

What Do We Mean When We Talk About Well Balanced Success?

Here's are the 4 important components:

A Career You Love

Whether this is working for yourself or in a job you choose, having a career you enjoy and find fulfilling is an important part of achieving Well Balanced Success.

An Active Social Life

Having friends with whom you can share your success is crucial. What good is all the money and fame if you can't enjoy it with the people you love?

A Thriving Love and Family Life

Having time and energy to be present with the people closest to you is an integral part of Well Balanced Success. Whether that's your (grand) parents, siblings or your own partner and children.

Good Physical and Mental Health

How can you be your best self and enjoy life to its fullest if you are not in optimal condition? Taking care of yourself and your health is not something you can neglect.

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About the Host

After obtaining a degree in Fashion Business and working several years as a shoes buyer, she decided to venture out on her own and created a business teaching online marketing to entrepreneurs. After realizing she preferred working in a bigger team, she joined Thrive Themes. First as marketer, then head of marketing and now COO.
Her goal in life is to have it all... And have a ton of fun optimizing her way there.

Join me on the weekly Well Balanced Success podcast to explore how to achieve a life where you can have it all!

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